B No 2 / June 2013
  1. Robert Sekret, Jan Koldej :
    Thermal Regeneration of Mineral Sorbent Using Burner Unit
  2. Nora Turkienė, Aušra Zigmontienė, Kęstutis Buinevičius, Raminta Plečkaitienė:
    Sewage Sludge Combustion – Experimental and Theoretical Analysis
  3. Halina Pawlak-Kruczek, Michał Ostrycharczyk, Marcin Baranowski, Michał Czerep, Jacek Zgóra:
    Co-Firing of Biomass with Pulverised Coal in Oxygen Enriched Atmosphere
  4. Marcin Pietrzak, Stanisław Witczak :
    Multiphase Flow Mixture In 180° Pipe Bends
  5. Krystian Czernek, Stanisław Witczak :
    Non-Invasive Evaluation of Wavy Liquid Film
  6. Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh, Kamal Araj :
    Treatment of Wastewater to Meet the Requirements for Cooling Water Systems in Jordan’s Nuclear Plants
  7. Dariusz Asendrych, Paweł Niegodajew, Stanisław Drobniak :
    CFD Modelling of CO2 Capture in a Packed Bed by Chemical Absorption
  8. Paweł Mirek :
    Field Testing of Acoustic Cleaning System Working in 670Mwth CFB Boiler
  9. Sarra Youcefi, Mohamed Bouzit, Houari Ameur, Youcef Kamla, Abdelkader Youcefi:
    Effect of Some Design Parameters on the Flow Fields and Power Consumption in a Vessel Stirred by a Rushton Turbine