B No 1 / March 2013
  1. Biń Andrzej K. :
  2. Cernecky Jozef, Koniar Jan, Brodnianska Zuzana :
    The Effect of Regulating Elements on Convective Heat Transfer along Shaped Heat Exchange Surfaces
  3. Keller Tobias, Dreisewerd Bjoern, Górak Andrzej :
    Reactive Distillation for Multiple-Reaction Systems: Optimisation Study Using an Evolutionary Algorithm
  4. Skočilas Jan, Fořt Ivan, Jirout Tomáš :
    A Study of CFD Simulations of the Flow Pattern in an Agitated System with a Pitched Blade Worn Turbine
  5. Kowalski Stefan J., Łechtańska Joanna M., Szadzińska Justyna :
    Quality Aspects of Fruit and Vegetables Dried Convectively with Osmotic Pretreatment
  6. Pustějovská Pavlína, Jursová Simona :
    Process Engineering in Iron Production
  7. Kolat Pavel, Čech Bohumír, Vrtek Mojmír, Tomášek David :
    Experiments On Additive Desulphurisation By Sodium Bicarbonate In Coal-Fuel Boilers
  8. Kondora Grzegorz, Asendrych Dariusz :
    Modelling the Dynamics of Flexible and Rigid Fibres
  9. Ciukaj Szymon, Pronobis Marek :
    Dew Point of the Flue Gas of Boilers Co-Firing Biomass with Coal
  10. Gac Jakub M., Gradoń Leon :
    Computational Analysis of Displacement of Particles with Given Size on the Nonstationary Bulging Membrane as a Theoretical Model of Membrane Fouling
  11. Peters Bernhard, Smuła-Ostaszewska Joanna :
    A Numerical Approach to Predict Sulphur Dioxide Emissions During Switchgrass Combustion
  12. Rieger František, Jirout Tomáš, Ceres Dorin, Seichter Pavel :
    Effect of Impeller Shape on Solid Particle Suspension
  13. Banda Raju, Nguyen Thi Hong, Lee Man Seung :
    Recovery of HCl from Chloride Leach Solution of Spent HDS Catalyst by Solvent Extraction
  14. Kuźnia Monika, Magdziarz Aneta :
    Research on Thermal Decomposition of Waste PE/PP
  15. Atasoy Ilknur, Yuceer Mehmet, Berber Ridvan :
    Optimisation of Operating Conditions in Fed-Batch Baker’s Yeast Fermentation