B No 4 / December 2011
  1. Paweł Mirek :
    A simplified methodology for scaling hydrodynamic data from Lagisza 460 MWe supercritical CFB boiler
  2. Rafał Kobyłecki :
    Unburned carbon in the circulating fluidised bed boiler fly ash
  3. Robert Hubacz and Monika Buczyńska :
    Starch gelatinisation in Couette-Taylor flow apparatus
  4. Roman Krupiczka, Adam Rotkegel and Zenon Ziobrowski :
    Carbon dioxide removal from MEA - water solution on PDMS tubular membrane
  5. Marek Tańczyk, Krzysztof Warmuziński, Aleksandra Janusz-Cygan and Manfred Jaschik :
    Investigation of membrane performance in the separation of carbon dioxide
  6. Aneta Magdziarz, Małgorzata Wilk and Bogdan Kosturkiewicz :
    Investigation of sewage sludge preparation for combustion process
  7. Ivan Fořt and Tomáš Jirout :
    A study on blending characteristics of axial flow impellers
  8. Janusz T. Cieśliński and Tomasz Z. Kaczmarczyk :
    The effect of pressure on heat transfer during pool boiling of water-Al2O3 and water-Cu nanofluids on stainless steel smooth tube
  9. Udaya P. Singh, Ram S. Gupta and Vijay K. Kapur :
    Effects of inertia in the steady state pressurised flow of a non-Newtonian fluid between two curvilinear surfaces of revolution: Rabinowitsch fluid model
  10. Houari Ameur, Mohamed Bouzit and Mustapha Helmaoui :
    Numerical study of fluid flow and power consumption in a stirred vessel with a Scaba 6SRGT impeller
  11. Lenka Kuboňová, Lucie Obalová, Oldřich Vlach, Ivana Troppová and Jaroslav Kalousek :
    Modelling of NO adsorption in fixed bed on activated carbon
  12. Sanjaykumar R. Patel and Z. V. P. Murthy :
    Anti-solvent sonocrystallisation of lactose
  13. Paweł Mirek and Jolanta Ziaja :
    The influence of sampling point on solids suspension density applied in scaling of the hydrodynamics of a supercritical CFB boiler
  14. Jarosław Kozaczka and Pavel Kolat :
    An approach to modeling and thermodynamic analysis of modern power engineering systems
  15. Sebastian Werle :
    Estimation of reburning potential of syngas from sewage sludge gasification process
  16. Aneta Magdziarz, Małgorzata Wilk and Monika Zajemska :
    Modelling of pollutants concentrations from the biomass combustion process
  17. Mahmood Farzaneh-Gord and Hamid Reza Rahbari :
    Developing novel correlations for calculating natural gas thermodynamic properties
  18. Arkadiusz Jamrozik and Wojciech Tutak :
    A study of performance and emissions of SI engine with a two-stage combustion system
  19. :
    Acknowledgments to Reviewers 2011