B No 3 / September 2016
  1. E. Sztuk - Sikorska, L. Gradoń
    Biofouling reduction for improvement of depth water filtration. Filter production and testing
  2. J K. Kotra-Konicka, J. Kalbarczyk, J.M. Gac
    Modification of polypropylene membranes by ion implantation
  3. D. Butrymowicz, J. Karwacki, R. Kwidziński, K. Śmierciew, J. Gagan, T. Przybyliński, T. Skiepko, M. Łapin
    Methodology of heat transfer and flow resistance measurement for matrices of rotating regenerative heat exchangers
  4. J. Kotowicz, S. Michalski, A. Balicki
    Determination of technical and economic parameters of an ionic transport membrane air separation unit working in a supercritical power plant
  5. K. Trojanowicz, W. Wojcik
    Carbonaceous materials in petrochemical wastewater before and after treatment in an aerated submerged fixed-bed biofilm reactor
  6. D. Mierzwa, S.J. Kowalski
    Ultrasound-assisted osmotic dehydration and convective drying of apples: Process kinetics and quality issues
  7. Sz. Jakubiak, J. Tomaszewska, A. Jackiewicz, J. Michalski, K.J. Kurzydłowski
    Polypropylene – zinc oxide nanorod hybrid material for applications in separation processes
  8. R. Przekop, L. Gradoń
    Dynamics of particle loading in deep-bed filter. Trasport, deposition and reentrainment
  9. M. Juszczak
    Correlation between air flow rate and pollutant concentrations during two-stage oak log combustion in a 25 KW residential boiler
  10. D. Mikielewicz, J. Mikielewicz
    Criteria for selection of working fluid in low-temperature ORC
  11. J. Stelmach, C. Kuncewicz, R. Musoski
    Analysis of the mechanism of gas bubble break-up in liquids during the self-aspirating impeller operation